The Power of the Passion

The Power of the Passion
Aussie Rockers, Midnight Oil sang about Power and the Passion in their 80's political hit and the same applies today when we talk about passion and purpose. Its about finding your why!

Those that have the passion combined with a purpose, know that the choice is an easy one...Follow the path. Those that have passion within know that the price of the journey can be met, they work hard, they stay focused. They know that the little things done daily, will see them succeed. They know they will have setback, they know they will have some stumbles, they know they will make some mistakes.....they know that they must pay the price. And they keep going. Passion fuels the journey.

If passion doesn't exist, or fades....they will fall from their path. They will find an excuse.They will stumble, fall and stay down. Motivation gets the first steps going, but passion fuels the journey. A recent survey of Gym Members, indicates that after 6 months of membership, 44% drop out. Inspiration starts the journey, passion fuels it......

Be one of the 29% that stay as active members.......they stay the journey with passion and purpose.

Tony Curl


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